Publisher description

GrafxPage is a Windows-based desktop printing and business publishing software. GrafxPage is a nimble engine for business publishing, marketing materials, logo generation and a wide variety of publications for desktop printing, commercial printing, e-mail and web distribution. GrafxPage has built in templates and example documents to create brochures, letterheads, newsletters, marketing fliers, business and greetings cards, logos, CD and DVD labels, emails, web content and many others. Besides, it offers multi-page document creations. Objects like Geometric (vector) shapes, Scalable and Raster Images, Metafiles, Text and Text Memos can be added to any page. These objects can be overlapped, blended and set transparent and translucent. Objects can also be rotated through any angle and multiple objects grouped into one. Besides, objects can inherit different effects like: Shadow, Frames, Brightness and Contrast, Hue, Saturation Lightness adjustments. Gradients

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